About Us

NIC'S started as a commissary established by Maggie and Rina go in 2001. Nicole is the name of Rina's first daughter after which the company was named. The single mom sought to create a business she could pass on to her children.

Specialties such as classic desserts borne out of homemade, family tested recipes gave them the confidence to offer their products. Maggie provided the first recipes she kept from the 70's which were popular amongst her peers and family. Hence the ingredients are neither commercial nor compromised. Placing customers satisfaction the priority fresh produce, and tested rcipes are used to ensure quality taste and asthetics.

The company primarily provided Desserts and Breads to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and food-chains at wholesale prices. Specific food items such as Pastas and Rice meals were also developed to suit the client's needs.

NIC'S has also participated in "by invitation only" food halls and bazaars. Its wide acceptability for products such as the Brownie Walnut Cluster, Parmesan Ensaymada, and Lasagna showed a need for high quality food that was easy to stock on and reheat. This continuous encouragement led the owners to come up with its first retail outlet NIC'S. The showcase would provide them a platform to strut hip unique products like Parmesan Wheat Crisp, and the Dip-n-Toss line of bottled sauces.